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Pittsburgh - September 30, 2015

A Chain Reaction: The Role of Nuclear Energy in PJM’s Energy Mix

The nuclear industry has a long history in Pennsylvania, but is now facing significant uncertainty. What impact will the possible closure of regional reactors in the PJM service area have on the local economy and on local energy prices? How will the closure of regional reactors affect Pennsylvania's local manufacturing industry and the state's educational system? What does the future look like for the nuclear energy industry in Pennsylvania?


  • Gene Barr, President and CEO, Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry
  • Sam Belcher, President and Chief Nuclear Officer, FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company
  • Michael Bryson, VP, Operations, PJM Interconnection
  • David A. Howell, SVP, Operating Plants Business, Westinghouse
  • Maria Korsnick, COO, Nuclear Energy Institute
  • Dr. Lawrence Lindsey, President and CEO, The Lindsey Group
  • Dr. Arthur T. Motta, Chair of Nuclear Engineering Program, Penn State University


  • Chris Gadomski, Lead Analyst, Nuclear, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Chief Operating Officer Nuclear Energy Institute Maria Korsnick has extensive nuclear energy industry operations and executive experience. She joined the Nuclear Energy Institute in May 2015 as a...


Head of Research, Nuclear, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Chris is the Lead Analyst of Nuclear at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Chris directs the firm’s nuclear energy research team...


President and Chief Nuclear Officer FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company Sam Belcher is president and chief nuclear officer for FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company (FENOC), a subsidiary of...


Chair of the Nuclear Engineering Program Penn State University Arthur Motta is the Chair of the Nuclear Engineering Program and a Professor of Nuclear Engineering at Penn State University, the...


Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry Gene Barr is the president and CEO of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, the state's largest broad-based business advocacy...


Vice President, Operations PJM Interconnection Michael E. Bryson, vice president of Operations, is responsible for PJM’s Operations Division, including 24x7 transmission operations for real time...


President and CEO The Lindsey Group Larry Lindsey is President and Chief Executive Officer of The Lindsey Group. He has held leading positions in government, academia, and business. Prior to...


Senior Vice President, Operating Plants Business Westinghouse David Howell heads Westinghouse Electric Company’s Automation and Field Services organization, where he is responsible for leading...


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